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Ali Akbar, M.D.

Ali Akbar, M.D.


Dr. Akbar joined Gastro One in 2016 after completing his Gastroenterology and Hepatology training at University of Tennessee in Memphis. This included general gastroenterology and biliary endoscopy training. Previously he finished internal medicine training in 2008 at Mercy Catholic Medical Center in Philadelphia during which he received Best Resident of the Year award twice. This was followed by a year of chief medical residency for his training program.  

He then moved to Iowa where he worked as an internal medicine hospitalist for four years. While continuing as a hospitalist, he also volunteered to be a research associate in Mayo Clinic’s Gastroenterology division in Rochester, MN for a year. He has published various articles in leading gastroenterology journals as a first author. He has also authored a book chapter in a medical text book and has presented abstracts in national meetings during his research and training years.

He finished medical school in Pakistan before moving to the U.S. in 2005.  He lives in Memphis with his wife, Asma, and two children, Qasim and Dua. 


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